Ferradini makes the art of Spezzato easy!

Spezzato describes the Italian art of putting together a jacket and trousers, which is not a suit, that either complement each other or create a statement. The word “spezzato” in Italian literally means broken.

In Italy, knowing how to pair separate’s, jacket and trousers is considered an art form and has been passed on through generations of stylish dressing.

The art of mixing and matching, which has always been part of an Italian man’s dress sense, has been adopted by contemporary fashion culture across the world.

Spezzato Style Tips:

1.Blue navy blazer with grey pants: the classic mix and match.

2.Grey jacket with blue navy pants: versatile and traditional

3.Navy blue blazer with khaki pants: balanced and flexible

4.Red blazer with blue trousers: sober but stylish

5.Light blue jacket with electric blue pants: sporty and sophisticated style

 6. Play with the shades of the same colour scheme to create a more formal look.

It’s fair to say that the Italians know how to dress. For decades they have been the style leaders amongst us all, setting some of the world’s biggest trends and styling them out with their own individual flair.